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Fans Vs Fans Rugby


PLAY FOR YOUR TEAM IN THE FAN Vs FAN RUGBY GAMEChoose one of the Rugby teams who will be playing in the UPCOMING REAL-LIFE FIXTURE. Log in through Facebook so your scores can be added in real-time to your team’s overall score.PLAY AGAINST OTHER RUGBY FANSThe Fans vs Fans Rugby game lets you play for your team against rival fans. See in real-time your score being added to the overall team score. Meanwhile rival fans will be trying to score more points for their team. Log in through Facebook to make your score count and keep playing while the clock counts down to the real-life fixture.
HOW TO PLAYFlick your finger through the ball towards the posts. Adjust for wind direction and strength. There are bonus points available for accurate and consistent scoring.While the competition clock is counting down and you are logged in through Facebook you are playing in COMPETITION mode. This means that your score is being added to your team’s overall score. Otherwise you are in PRACTICE mode.